Spazio Giustiniani opens its doors to welcome Poliform during the most anticipated event of the year which takes place in Genoa: BeDesign Week from 18 to 22 May 2022.

On May 18 the doors will open to surprise you with a space entirely dedicated to Poliform collections, including new products and bestsellers.

Poliform is a world in constant evolution. It is a company and a style, an entrepreneurial vision and a wealth of knowledge, where different designers are able to find an aesthetic harmony by creating functional products, with high quality materials.

A reality that is the pride of made in Italy to be seen in our space in Genoa developed on two floors, where the showroom marries the concept of a complete home that reflects the Poliform showcases in the world.

The living area that populates the ground floor: it presents itself in its familiar guise of conviviality of the Alea Pro kitchen that sits alongside the unsurpassed comfort of the Mondrian sofa in the living area, and then gives way to the new classic of the contemporary dining room, represented by the Mondrian table belonging to the same line (designed by Jean-Marie Massaud), enriched by the Gentleman collection of chairs (design Marcel Wanders Studio).

The basement, on the other hand, is the realm of the night area, of which the Kelly collection – bed and storage units with soft and enveloping shapes – and the Senzafine closet system become emblematic: a constantly changing architecture that meets the aesthetic and functional desires of every space and style.

Spazio Giustiniani will thus have the opportunity – thanks to the professionals who work there – to become an ambassador to accompany you, in the enhancement meanders, of an innovative culture inherent in the industries of our country. Industries sensitive to novelty and the freshness of design that will surprise the operators of the sector.

You will thus be involved in a captivating journey where style and design travel in parallel with tradition and respect for experience. Experience that finds in this place, a lover of beauty, the way to interact to accompany in a growth that comes from sharing.

The new space dedicated to Poliform will open on the occasion of the third edition of the week dedicated to design and art in the center of Genoa. Given the success of the previous editions, this year presents itself in a new and shining guise where Design blends with Blue Design.

Spazio Giustiniani, perfectly in line with the event, will open to the public of visitors from May 18 from morning to evening for a carillon of events where design is king. The design district, the heart of the event that extends into the squares, period residences, historic lobbies, shops and businesses that surround it, thus becomes the stage for designers, companies, producers, artisans, institutions and insights. On the other hand, Genoa is a place where the world has always met and – of this knowledge – it makes it the source of knowledge sharing. For this reason, there will be places for training with an in-depth study of the innovations in the design sector.

All this takes place in the embrace of good music played live, and also by a wide selection of art exhibitions also featured in our Spazio Giustiniani showroom.

The theme of 2022, proposed by DiDe, is “Time” and binds in a common thought the various interpretations that are made matter in the works -chosen by the commission- and exposed in the charming space Forma Design in Piazza dei Giustiniani 30R and Prisma Studio in Vico dei ragazzi 14R from the

Five artists wrestle with the question, “what will happen to everyday objects in the world to come?”

The object is not dropped into the world but is in the world and becomes an icon, an icon of the time that passes through our experience of the world.

A poetics reminiscent of the precious works of Giorgio Morandi.

“The mystery of Morandi’s work is to conjugate time with the eternal, to conjugate the finite with the infinite, to conjugate the object that is in the world with the object that never quite belongs to the world, but evokes a mystery that is precisely in the world, but at the same time beyond the world.”

Massimo Recalcati