Genoa, Spazio Giustiniani and Baxter

Baxter and Spazio Giustiniani are a coherent, inevitable union that has been reached in a way that is almost impossible to avoid. Coming to this collaboration between two realities that have research, experimentation and history in common was an almost natural and indispensable condition.

Baxter is a company where the expression combines the use of materials, research and quality with history and the link between past and future.

Spazio Giustiniani is an experiential showroom.

These two realities that come together express their essence through a place, where history and matter are the first stimulus that you perceive as soon as you arrive in that wonderful square where the showroom is located. Talking about Baxter is simple and complicated at the same time, simple because it is enough to look at its creations to understand that we are discussing a company that is unique in its sector: a company that deals with materials such as wood, metals, stone , but above all the skin, its strength and energy, and mixes them experimenting with new solutions, in search of elegant variations.

Simple, because Baxter is a company that has the courage to test and research, that has the audacity to experiment to push a material like leather to the limit, in the seams, in aging, in an attempt to create a link between the past. and future, to transform it into something that has a time, that transmits a story. Easy, because only Baxter has managed to make leather a soft, organic, exciting material through new uses, through colors and prints that make the touch and suggestion extremely sensual and attractive even for those who do not love this material. Difficult, because it is enough to try to abandon yourself on their sofa or armchair to experience a series of such emotions, which are precisely difficult to express through words, emotions, which can only be understood by sitting down.

Baxter is an Italian story born from the dream of a family, it is a story of made in Italy design for a company launched on the international scene.

It is the story of a company that furnishes the living room from the sofa – armchair to the complement, to the dining table, to the carpet, from the beds to the lighting. A company that has always held in high regard the respect and protection of the environment, a commitment that led it to voluntarily adhere to the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification. Today, in Genoa, in the prestigious Spazio Giustiniani shop in Piazza Giustinani, in an elegant harmony between location and furnishings, Baxter exhibited some models from its rich collection to mark the beginning of a refined and exclusive collaboration.