Spazio Giustiniani, a prototype of Pianca & Partners?

In the heart of the historic center of Genoa, a wonderful and troubled city waiting to be discovered, with a thousand faces and a thousand suggestions, Friday 16 March 2018 inaugurates “Spazio Giustiniani”. A new “Design concept store”, with a selection of PIANCA, MESON’S and other excellent international design brands.

This innovative showroom is not a simple furniture shop, combining multiple services from the material library to the design studio manages to contribute to the improvement of a historic center full of potential.

Through formative meetings, conferences, parties and gastronomic and cultural events it has attracted and attracts people of various cultures and interests from different places.

The challenge was definitely won, because precisely there, where furniture makers already worked in ancient times, the modern proposal of interior design was born, where excellent Made in Italy products are offered to the public, selected with careful research criteria in close collaboration with companies of great importance in the quality furniture sector.

The place, the strength of experience, the strength of a brand like Pianca led to the choice of becoming the first monobrand reality in Italy of this well-known company, which dedicates special attention to materials while respecting the environment and ecology.

Among other things, the recent news is that “Pianca & Partners” has inaugurated a new Milanese showroom, opening a space dedicated to contract proposals and addressing architects, interior designers, developers, builders and investors.

The innovative showroom offers premium services and a wide range of items and accessories totally Made in Italy, which Pianca, as already mentioned, pays particular attention to.

Today, retail must be a place that transcends the proposal of serial and mass-produced objects, it must go beyond the purely commercial aspects to become a real manifestation of the brand it represents.

It must devote itself to proposing interior architectural solutions and be able to create magical atmospheres that represent people, in short, it must offer a unique, unexpected, out of the ordinary experience.

In this way, the showroom is transformed and becomes the protagonist, and the architecture of the place becomes a magical container where you can stage a precise choice of materials, objects and suggestions capable of creating a place where dreaming is possible.

Today the store must become a container where technological innovation is combined with artisanal techniques in a mix of great magic and great effectiveness capable of transforming the house into a place to live, practical, warm and enveloping.

Confrontation, experience and discovery: these are the keywords that inspired the birth of the showroom in Piazza Giustiniani, the owners of the project wanted to reorganize the environments while respecting the spaces of a place where history is breathed in every corner and return to a place abandoned new life, revitalizing environments capable of enhancing the proposed collections, thanks to the combination with natural finishes of the materials used.

Always keeping up with the changing times, with the increasingly frenetic lifestyles, with the needs that, as these latest events have shown us, are always constantly evolving, curious and attentive observers to always get to understand the needs and requirements of approaching interlocutor.