Artistic scents that harken back to the world’s most beloved experience.

“A perfume is the image of an emotion. A perfume is the ambitious story that does without words. A perfume is a silent witness of art, which unfolds to tell suggestive atmospheres. “

This is what I find when I enter the world of artistic perfumery of the olfactory laboratory. A curated, fresh “manifesto” that turns chemistry into poetry, in harmony with craftsmanship that comes to life from the pure creativity of Daniela Canon and Roberto Drago, creative director of the brand.

United in a project where artistic perfumery is expressed in a large collection that boasts Eau de Parfum created in collaboration with the most eclectic noses of the moment, including the fragrances of the Masters’ Collection, born from the collaboration with the masters Jean-Claude Ellena , Lucien Ferrero and Dominique Ropion and Journey to Italy by Jean-Claude Ellena.

The details are never overlooked and we see it from the “fil rouge” that binds each fragrance with a black ribbon around the neck of the bottle which, moreover, gives a touch of elegance to the collection.

The packaging of each room fragrance with sticks is intentionally minimal, simple and refined, thus designed to give the right value to the fragrance, the quality of which must never take a back seat.

In our showroom in Palazzo Giustiniani, we keep a wide selection of the collection of artistic perfumery for the Olfactory Laboratory.

In fact, by visiting our exhibition spaces you can experience a suggestive experience for the magnetism that arises from the bewitching spell of each fragrance. An imaginary journey aroused by the different ingredients combined in a masterly way, thanks to the collaboration of the most eclectic noses of the moment. Here are some of the best-selling fragrances and their descriptions.

“Distillate 17” is named after the year it was created.

“…it is a goblet of refined cognac, with a smooth aroma and fruity hints that fills the mouth with an explosion of flavors…It is a fragrance that can envelope, with elegant sweetness mixed with liqueur and woody notes, your spaces leaving an indelible olfactory memory for those who smell it”

Note di testa: Rum, Arancio
Note di cuore: Cognac – Frutta caramellata – Note talcate
Note di fondo: Vaniglia – Legno di Cedro – Legni d’Ambra

“Che Fico!”

What’s more Mediterranean than the fig? The green and relaxing freshness of its generous leaves, the tasty sweetness of its fruits, the colorful and milky wood of its elegant gray bark … The en plein air accent given by the vegetal and fresh touches accompanies us towards a soft and fruity heart and then settle on the gourmand and woody notes, transporting you to a dream of abundance and fertility.

Note di testa: Accordo verde di foglie di Fico, Galbano, olio essenziale di Alloro
Note di cuore: Olio essenziale di Petit Grain, Ribes nero, accordo frutto di Fico, Stemone
Note di fondo: Assoluta di Labdano, accordo Lampone e Fico secco, accordo corteccia di Fico, olio essenziale di Cedro della Virginia

“Legni & Co”

It comes in an austere guise with its dark bottle

“Citrus, spices, roots, a touch of flower and then woods, woods and more woods for this fragrance that will be able to warm your environments while giving them character and personality. Right from the start, you can perceive the spicy and citrus notes that, however, blend with precious and warm woods. We are in the presence of an intense fragrance that will not go unnoticed.”

Note di testa: Bergamotto, Scorza di Limone
Note di cuore: Chiodo di Garofano, Noce Moscata, Rosa
Note di fondo: Muschio di Quercia, Patchouli, Legno di Sandalo, Vetiver, Cashmeran, Ambra


Another fragrance enclosed in the dark ampoules that enhance the mystical, golden side, without being too liturgical.

“A luminous incense, which, in a warm-cold contrast, envelops rooms without passing unseen by the nose of those who encounter it. The typical opening of the incense note, made intriguing by the resin of elemi, blends with The character of Patchouli and Cedar, softened by Vanilla and Tonka Bean, to create an ambient fragrance that will not be forgotten.”

Note di testa: Bergamotto, Elemi
Note di cuore: Incenso, Chiodi di Garofano
Note di fondo: Patchouli, Fava Tonka, Legno di Cedro, Styrax, Vaniglia

A precious collection of artistic room fragrances.

A distillation of experiences nourished by a wise ability to combine refined ingredients in each potion. Sometimes tasty and sweet ingredients, crunchy like Turkish rose. Other times they are liqueur, sour, pungent, powdery or jeweled with brilliant sensual drops of amber. Olfactory openings that let themselves be enchanted by the soft notes of the woods, or by the opaque spores of incense tears that refer to a venerable prayer or overwhelmed by the good mood of citrus fruits.

A pathway that stimulates not only the sense of smell but also refers to dreamlike and familiar visions to keep with you at all times.