The kitchen, an environment of design and functionality

The house has always been an environment that was defined par excellence “the kingdom of women”, today, this kingdom is no longer only feminine, it is a universal space, unrestricted by gender norms or boundaries, since this is no longer the case.

The space the kitchen occupies is owned and transformed by both men and women.

Choosing the right kitchen is a highly demanding choice, it is a choice that cannot be made lightly as it will accompany us for years and can be an improvement but also a pejorative element of our home life. For some it may be very difficult, what we aim to do is make this choice a moment of great joy and creative vitality.

The range of models is wide, the finishes, the details, the quality of the materials, the colour ……… the budget, it is easy to get lost in the vastness of the process and that is why it proves essential to get help from professionals in the sector, designers able to listen to your needs and guide your choices towards the kitchen that is most suitable for your needs and adheres to your aesthetics.

Surely for those who have to change a kitchen that already has the choice, the choice is much easier, because rich in the experience already gained, they have the ability to direct the choices in order to avoid mistakes already made.

On the other hand, if it is the first kitchen, the choice becomes much more demanding, care and attention takes time, it’s important not to rush the process. Calmly visit various exhibitions, take time to understand where the meeting between quality, cost and professionalism of the retailer have best combined your needs.

You absolutely must not lose sight of functionality, a fundamental element in a kitchen, it could also be beautiful but surely complicated in the practicality necessary for everyday life.

If you are able to do it correctly, you have to take the measurements of the space available, check where the bindings are and take the measurements of those too, however it is always ideal, as already mentioned, to rely on a trusted professional.

In recent years, the trend has banned wall units, tending more and more to furnish the kitchen with a minimalist look, large worktops, peninsulas, etc.

To start, you need to understand if the space you have available is small, then it is better to opt for kitchens that use all the available space in the best possible way and therefore with high wall units, which, even if impractical, solve the problem of working with limited space.

If, on the other hand, you are fortunate and have more space available, a kitchen with an island or peninsula to divide the dining area from the cooking area, for example, is recommended.

For those who have an irregular room, the layout can only be linear or modular. Another important argument is the choice of materials, until a few years ago, the lacquered with glossy effects were in vogue. It’s disadvantage proving it had the enormous defect of getting dirty easily at the slightest touch, today the choice is increasingly towards materials such as wood, stone, concrete, gres, mdf and resin.

The Corian

It is resistant to light and heat, it is a synthetic material and can be worked like wood and this makes it very versatile, the advantages of this material is that it comes in a single piece without cuts and finishes.

Solid wood

Is more expensive than other materials but is pleasant to the touch and gives the kitchen a warm and natural look. Unfortunately, this material is sensitive to heat and humidity even if treated, on the other hand, however, it is also true that every sign can become an imprint of personality and particularity, in any case this material needs maintenance also to prevent it from becoming an ideal habitat for bacteria.

Natural stone

Marble, granite, and stone are certainly very beautiful and precious materials even if they are not very practical to use because being porous they are very sensitive to stains and acidity.

Let’s now move on to the choice of colour, which first of all must follow the balance between available space and personal taste.

For example, it is good to choose a tone on tone, on the light colours if the spaces are narrow to give more brightness to the room. If you are working with a larger space, be daring with bold colours and combine coloured tops, bare in mind however the basic nuance must be that of the rest of the kitchen.

For the choice of appliances, on the other hand, you can go from built-in to free-standing options, in this case, however, it all depends on the space available, opting for the tall oven is a smart choice as it is much more comfortable.

For the hob if possible, it is better to choose a 5 burner. Now, that the latest improvements in terms of consumption have made it possible, opt for these wonderful induction hobs that are certainly a choice of practicality and incredible convenience.