The terrace and its new autumn look

Autumn brings with it energies in ferment, new transformations and sacred spaces. Colors that warm, shapes that welcome. The trees, like immense flowers, suggest the wind with the dance of their leaves, like colored petals, they are released towards the center of the earth. An eternal dance that accompanies our steps and caresses our souls.

The torrid summer has passed and we have entered the splendid autumn season and so people stop using their terraces day after day. This is a real shame, but as we no longer feel comforted, in that space that this summer has brought us moments of respite and refreshment, we tend to avoid it and neglect it.

The temperatures have mitigated, the available light is less and we struggle to find that state of well-being. We have therefore decided to help you make the most of your corner in the garden or your terrace with the right precautions and modifications.

The arrangement of the furniture

A fundamental care is to take into account the arrangement of the furniture. Since you want to take advantage of these outdoor spaces as much as possible, it is advisable to arrange the furniture taking into account the movement of the sun. So, simply moving the furniture, which was in the shade in the summer, to a space under the warm autumn sun will allow you to take advantage of the warm hours of the day. So with simplicity you will find yourself with a wonderful relaxing corner where you can read your latest book, drink a hot coffee in the warmth of the mild days that this colorful season gives us.

The lighting

A very important touch will be given by the arrangement of the lights. In fact, you know very well that in autumn the days begin to shorten and the sun to set earlier. But this should not discourage you, we are here to advise you, among the vast choice and infinite solutions, and to suggest the lights that best suit your style. It is essential for us to take care of the uniqueness of each customer. This will ensure that the space will first of all be in perfect harmony with you who live it, and welcoming even in the least sunny hours.

There are large pendant lights, small table lights, LED wall lights and even scented candles, you will find them in a minimalist, retro, industrial style, for name a few. Keep your terrace lit and decorated at the same time.

The fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are an excellent remedy for fighting the cold. On your armchairs, chairs or benches you can add beautiful blankets, cushions. For this purpose there are soft and natural fabrics such as wool, faux fur. Also in this case a choice of criteria must be made because each fabric, from the carpet, to the blanket or to the small pillow, will give a characteristic touch to the environment. We will guide you in your choice taking into account the quality of each piece, thus you will obtain an autumnal atmosphere, to be enjoyed at its best, perhaps in the company of your friends and above all welcoming and warm.

A fireplace, a stove or a brazier

A further impediment that distracts us from taking advantage of the terrace in autumn can be the colder climate. But don’t worry, there is an effective and useful solution at the same time, for example by including a stove on your terrace in the furniture.

If you have more space available, perhaps a little adjacent garden, we recommend that you include a brazier; it will be the perfect attraction for you and your friends to sit around the fire, perhaps sipping this season’s must to accompany freshly cooked chestnuts. For this more demanding project we can help you by providing you with ideas, design and implementation.

Plants and flowers

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”

Albert Camus

In this season there are many outdoor plants, some need special care such as being sheltered from the wind or exposed to the sun. A flowered and luxuriant balcony will therefore be possible thanks to the inclusion of plants and typical autumn flowers.

The list is quite long but we will list some of them among which: roses, marigold, cyclamen, pansies, hibiscus, verbene, azaleas, hydrangeas, primroses, the California lilac, the autumn anemone and the nocturnal jasmine. In addition to flowers, it is nice to create “wings” with climbing plants such as ivy that can also serve as a ploy to give you that little extra privacy.

Some flowers are easy to plant and withstand low temperatures; another option is to plant flower bulbs such as hyacinths to pop up for Christmas. An excellent alternative is to create a corner of aromatic plants.

If you don’t have time to devote yourself to plants, you can always buy artificial plants in the garden. There are also artificial plants in our showroom that you can choose from. Nowadays it is possible to find a variety of species and it is almost imperceptible that they are not natural. Secondly, you can also take advantage of a walk to collect twigs and dried flowers found in the woods to create some very simple composition where you can place candles or lamps, lampshades for outdoors.

The wind

There are days, in autumn, where the wind does not stop blowing and it is impossible to be outdoors. To overcome this you can use screens or dividing panels, perhaps decorated with climbing plants as mentioned above. So in addition to making everything more welcoming and functional, you will have created a corner of the woods in your home.

Also in this case we have many solutions for you because, of partitions, there are many types that satisfy more styles. They can be found in various colors and materials such as natural wood, or synthetic ones such as resin or metals such as aluminum. We will find the one that best suits your tastes and proportionate to your spaces.

Choice of furniture and maintenance

The choice of outdoor furniture is very important and the variety is really very wide. For this we will guide you in your choice, recommending the best ones for your needs, extrapolating the best solution to your budget. In addition to this we will guide you with targeted advice to keep them over the years.

Every piece of furniture, every chair, up to the furnishing accessories and fabrics, are made to resist atmospheric agents, this is possible thanks to the best technologies that are put in place and evolve but do not cease to keep faith with style and tradition. which makes us feel connected to a family environment.

A wonderful environment, increasingly anthropomorphic, organic, which satisfies the need for an adjacency to the outside world.

All this is possible thanks to a project that will be tailor-made for you, created by the team of experts of our company. We will be available to give life to that idea, the result of the desire that drives us to live as much as possible outdoors in contact with nature, and make it become real.

Autumn is the spring of winter

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec