The design that leaves and flowers ….

Genoa, “superb for men and for the walls”, as Petrarch defined it, seems to have returned to the European Capital of Culture.

In this month of June it hosted the event dedicated to design for five days, the event that has met with great appreciation since the first edition of 2019 and confirmed this year around 10,000 attendees.

The theme that distinguished this edition of the event was: “Il Design che Foglia e Fiora” literally “The Design that Leaf and Flower”, a theme shared by the DIDE design district of Genoa. Association born on the initiative of professionals who live, work or gravitate in the area around Piazza dei Giustiniani and, by promoting initiatives, in particular the Design Week.

The desire that distinguished them is a dream that unites all people sensitive to the environment – to the urgent issue of the environment – giving visibility to the circular and sustainable economy, green mobility, industry 4.0 and everything that creates economic development based on improvement of human well-being and social equity developed with: temporary and even permanent “green” installations in some squares of the city, thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Genoa, giving these corners a new captivating aspect of certain not only aesthetic value.

The GDW has therefore been transformed into a “garden” of ideas that thus comes to life with: plants that peek out from the balconies, from the railings that protect the windows of ancient buildings in the city and from the greenery that overturns from the usual frontal view to climb into vertical on terraces and on windowsills.

A “pathographic” vision that is significant of a city that aspires, not only to bring nature ex-nihilo to key points of the city, but also to give this project shared with designers, artisans and artists from all over the world, a ‘footprint studied and supported by creative companies and factories.