Spring is upon us

Spring is coming and with it the time to think about how to make our outdoor space, whether it be a garden, terrace or balcony, a livable and enjoyable environment.

In the warmth of spring mornings, having breakfast outdoors is truly beautiful, as is reading, chatting with friends, having lunch and dinner. This is why it is best to hurry to make the outdoor space ready to welcome us in the best possible way in the activities we love in a well-kept, sheltered and comfortable environment to relax and enjoy the activities you prefer.

Let yourself be enveloped by the quiet and atmosphere of a space created by us with armchairs, cozy sofas, cushions and colors ….

All that is needed to better enjoy our outdoor spaces is to choose products that resist the sun and rain, allowing us not to worry about storing them indoors every time the season ends, they need to be comfortable, comfortable and durable. in time.

While choosing outdoor furniture, attention must be paid to the combinations and aesthetics but also to the dimensions and widths that must be suitable for our spaces in order not to take away the breath from the rooms and prevent comfort.

The ideas are so many, we try to put all the possibilities in order and suggest creative ideas to furnish our outdoor with style.

First of all, you must be careful not to distort the outdoor space too much and leave a little of that wild air that is right to find in a garden or terrace. The materials that can be considered are so many and with different characteristics. You can range from rattan to wood, from iron to plastics, not to mention the colors: light, colorful or dark and again the fabrics to be used for cushions, curtains and tablecloths such as linen, fibers, cottons, ropes … in short. lots of room for imagination!

There are outdoor carpets, umbrellas of various sizes with side or central poles, with water-repellent and wind-proof sheets, deckchairs, sun loungers with or without canopies, lounges, tables and chairs, not to mention pergolas of various sizes and with customizable accessories. such as, for example, the bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable blades that allow you to experience the outdoors for a much longer period and become a continuum of our open-air living.

And if we want to give an extra touch where space allows, you can install a swimming pool or a hot tub, there are various sizes also for the terrace with massage jets to give us that extra touch of luxury and pampering.

Surrounded by comfortable, beautiful furnishings, with delicate or more decisive colors but in harmony with the environment and our taste, it is not essential to have a lot of space to make our outdoor area a true oasis of relaxation where you can regenerate your energy and feel on holiday too. at home.

And then when the sun goes down it is possible, through the right use of lights, to create an atmosphere of warm and welcoming charm. There are many possibilities to play with such as the idea of ​​creating luminous ceilings through the use of luminous threads from one side of the terrace or garden to the other, or through the skilful positioning of lanterns in suitable points or even with suspensions or designer lamps.

The dining area can be integrated with a barbeque, which can now also be used on the terrace, there are small ones that can be closed and with wheels, while for larger spaces there are also real outdoor kitchens.

A convenient trolley on wheels can be placed next to the dining area to carry everything you need inside and out.

For the living area, according to the space available, you can free your imagination starting from two simple but comfortable and enveloping armchairs with service table, up to the living room, where there are also versatile modular solutions, with soft cushions covered with water-repellent fabrics, resistant to bad weather and today also made with truly captivating patterns and colors.

For many in recent times the passion of the vegetable garden on the terrace or the garden corner in the garden has become an increasingly irresistible temptation, the possibility of having fresh and healthy vegetables available becomes more and more inviting and many have replaced the flowering plants, salads, tomatoes or courgettes that in any case embellish and decorate our outdoor area making us proud at every harvest.

All that remains is to start setting up our outdoor with a lot of imagination but also relying on expert hands and minds in the sector to guide us, help us make the best and most suitable choices for our context.

In this Forma Design which makes use of the collaboration with leading companies in the outdoor furniture sector such as Talenti, Emu, Nardi, Vermobil to name but a few, as well as through its professionals who are rich in long experience in the sector, they are certainly a valid support and what it takes to help us understand the best choices to make to make our terrace or garden an enjoyable and authentic place of relaxation.

What to say at this point? Come on, let’s not waste time, spring is upon us!