“FORMA DESIGN, launches a new logo and a new digital store to welcome its customers in an innovative way

Forma Design was born in 2003,

Its name was then “Coloniale”, it was born from a dream and a moment of happy madness, inspired by a style suitable for the moment, with the search for flavours and aromas with a global outlook.

Inside the showroom, “Caffè Coloniale” completed what was then a completely innovative and engaging offer, offering broadcasts and meetings that were organised inside.

Over time, Forma Design has completely changed the look of its showroom several times over, to always keep up with the times and with the needs of the public, it has transformed and revolutionised its look and much more.

Forma Design has enriched its offer, has established collaborations with artisans capable of making exclusive design and design furniture as well as with important companies in the furniture and design sector.

It has refined its style by always continuing to follow the inspirations and trends of the moment. Convinced more than ever that we should give people something more than a simple object to furnish their home.

Something that involves a certain degree of interaction, which allows you to discover new languages ​​and new technologies.

Forma Design has specialised its offer, has invested and believed in its own abilities and has made its dream come true by starting a design studio, where we can welcome people, where we can accompany the public to imagine, think and dream about their home, until finally, making a reality and realising what was once just an idea.

A place where you can give colour, energy and joy to your spaces, to the environments you inhabit in every day and where, together with specialised consultants, the customer can see the creation and creation of spaces and furnish them in a way that reflects the personalities and needs of those who live there.

Today, Forma Design has re-envisioned its Logo and has chosen to project itself towards the future, through a digital platform. Thus giving life to its new online store, a shop that will help you live a little better and more comfortably but that will always leave space to emotion and creativity.

Forma Design believes in timeless design made of true quality and authenticity. This is our idea of ​​home.